Trafalgar: ‘truly a community school’ says Ofsted

The Trafalgar School at Downton continues to be a good school, says Ofsted after an ungraded inspection in July. The school is praised for its ‘honest and just leadership’ which is at the heart of the community. Much of the report underlines the continuous improvement evident in the school, through a culture of ‘high ambition’, skilled teaching and a strong curriculum. Pupils are described as ‘attentive’, valuing ‘the family ethos of the school’ and taking ‘pride in their work’. The social and emotional development support through the curriculum is also praised, as are the opportunities provided for pupils to extend their learning through extensive enrichment activities.


The school is currently under the acting headship of Jonny Cole, supported by the Director of Education for Secondary and Post 16, Jonathan Curtis. It is a strong member of the Magna Learning Partnership Academy Trust, we are proud of this report and what it means for The Trafalgar School community.


To read the full Ofsted report, please follow the link here:The Trafalgar School at Downton - Ofsted Report: