We pride ourselves on good governance to ensure accountability and visibility at all levels.

Our Trust Board oversees the governance of the Trust and academies as a whole.  Trustees are responsible for the strategic leadership of the Trust, ensuring it adheres to the agreed vision and aims as well as being accountable for educational standards and financial health.  MLP’s team of Trustees possess combined skills which offer a wealth of experience to support the Trust in its activities.  The Trust Board delegates responsibility for certain functions to a range of specialist Committees as detailed in the diagram below.

Each academy in the Magna Learning Partnership has an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) which provides focussed governance at a local level.  Membership of each AGC includes two elected parents, the Academy Leader, together with community and, where applicable, foundation representation.  AGCs are Committees of the MLP Trust Board.

MLP Governance Structure

MLP Governance Structure

MLP Governance Framework and Scheme of Delegation 

MLP Governance Framework and Scheme of Delegation

MLP Member/Trustee Business and Pecuniary Interests and Attendance

MLP Trustee/Members Governance Details (register of Interests and Attendance)

MLP Governance Diversity Data

MLP Governance Diversity Data 2023


MLP Members

MLP Members (ID 1262)

  • Elizabeth Liversage
    Foundation SDBE Corporate Member
  • Harold Stephens
  • Ian Gates
  • Neil Owen


MLP Trustees

MLP Trustees (ID 1263)

  • Mark Bower-Dyke
    Chair of Trust Board
  • Mark Allinson
    Vice Chair of Trust Board
  • Tim Cartwright
  • Christina Evans
  • Alex Ewing
  • Claire Foxley
  • Julia Hastings
  • Jean Parr
  • Warren Tucker
  • Karen Walker


MLP Committee Chairs:

Chair of Trust Board : Mark Bower-Dyke

Vice Chair of Trust Board : Mark Allinson

Chair of Audit and Risk Committee : Jean Parr

Chair of Resources Committee : Warren Tucker

Chair of Standards Committee : Mark Allinson

Chair of Admissions Committee : Claire Foxley

Chair of Pay Committee : Julia Hastings

MLP Academy Governance Committee Chairs:

Amesbury Archer Primary School: Sara Bradbury

Amesbury Primary School : Richard Bellerby (Interim)

Bemerton St John Primary School: Gemma Taylor

Old Sarum Primary School: Gary Barker

Pembroke Park Primary School: Vannessa Shield

Salisbury Sixth Form College: Anita Esser

Sarum Academy: Alex Thompson

The New Forest Primary School: Lianne Warner and Phil Smallman

The Trafalgar School: Pete Collingwood-Trewin

Wyvern St Edmund’s Academy: Andy Ritchie

MLP Head of Governance : Carina Sawyer

For any governance queries please contact:

MLP are seeking a Foundation Trustee to join the Trust Board, please refer to the following document for further details:

MLP Trustee Person Specification

MLP are seeking governors – please see the attached advert for further details:

MLP Governor Vacancies