Pupil Parliament

On Friday 3rd of November, at Wyvern St Edmund’s Academy, the first Magna Learning Partnership Pupil Parliament was launched. Two students from each MLP academy came together to investigate opportunities for improving sustainability across the Trust. During our first session we were delighted to be joined by John Glen MP, who introduced the career path he took into Parliament.  He also shared ideas of what students could introduce, within their own settings, to increase communication with their peers.

All students in attendance were delighted to be able to work across all phases, from primary through to sixth form.  Together they investigated areas of sustainability, as set out by the government, and discussed the many successes of pupil councils across the Trust.

As a result of this exciting first session, the group created and agreed on three common areas to develop within their own academies.  The MLP Pupil Parliament will come together again in February to share the progress made and discuss further developments.