A second successful Pupil Parliament meeting

On Friday, 2nd February, we held our second MLP Pupil Parliament meeting at Wyvern St Edmund’s Academy.

We welcomed two guest speakers at the session: Mrs Anthony, Director of Finance and Business for MLP and Mr Wells, Chair of Environment & Climate Committee at Salisbury City Council.  Mrs Anthony spoke to students about the MLP Trust-wide strategy for reducing carbon in our academies and Mr Wells spoke about idling cars near Academies as well as the work taking place around Breathe London with Dyson. Both links are attached below.

Idling Action

Breathe London (dyson.co.uk)

During the meeting, students presented the progress made by each academy since the last meeting in November. They worked in pairs to further investigate opportunities for improving sustainability across the Trust.

It was evident that the pupils have grown in confidence since the last session. Not only is it an opportunity for them to come together but it’s also clear that they are learning from each other which is having an impact on the actions they are taking back to their own academy.  The pupils will decide on the next guest speaker when they get together again in June.